The Xu Lin Valley is a disputed valley Between The Court of Swords and The Court of Coins.


The Xu Lin is noted for its beauty. Woodlands, ruins, and bamboo forests dot the valley. A number of villages resided in the valley, each with varying degrees of loyalty to each court. A few of these villages included Peaceful Spring, Golden Bough, and Prosperous Spice River.

Disputed TerritoryEdit

The Xu Lin Valley is desired by both The Court of Swords and The Court of Coins. Both courts claimed to have a legitimate claim to the valley, but archaeological evidence suggested the Court of Coins had historical precedent in the valley.


A number of Human villages dot the valley. A group of Kenku inhabit a cavern within the valley, and have for some time. Kobolds, orcs, bullywugs, and mogwai infest the valley. The kingdoms of the gnomes lay within the valley. Ruled by Persnidgetron Torbidger, the kingdom of the forest gnomes is just recovering after being decimated by their neighbors, the rock gnomes.