The Courts are the nations which inhabit the as-of-yet unnamed world.

The Courts are huge empires, like Rome in her prime, but the world is bigger still and there are many places in which the Courts have no towns or villages. The Courts have divided the world and are, by lip service, predominantly allied with one another in accordance with the Precepts of The Arcana. In reality, the courts often have border skirmishes, disagreements over land and resources, and have waged war on one another more than a few times throughout the history of the world. There are four courts.


Each Court is ruled by four infinitely wise undying beings who, when they die, are reborn and sought out to take their place at the head of the court. They are the Court and the Court is named in their honour. In each Court there is a King, A Queen, a Page and a Knight and whatever their gender, species or disposition, the longer they live the more they become like their archetype. They rule with the absolute authority of the Arcana. The Courts are ruled by those who most typify them, and those ruling attitudes and beliefs trickle down to the people. Though there are liminal borders (called "cusps") where two Courts intersect and blend together.