In the world of the Courts the idea that people have a fate, a destiny to be uncovered, is very important. Tarot reading reveals the bonds between people, the trials and tribulations they will undergo on their future journey. These readings are special occasions, allowing a glimpse into the future, helping people to figure out the best path to take in their lives. Fortunes can reflect past events that will come into prominence or future events that can be looked forward to with anticipation or dread. Tarot readings are performed throughout the world in every habitation, from noble-sponsored soothsayers to court-appointed fortune tellers and every form of charlatan and yes-man in between. There are 78 cards in the Tarot deck.

Week 1 Edit

Before heading out on their mission to the river village, a reading is performed for the Magistrates Zephyra, Baern and Velimir.

Zephyra and Baern - The Queen of Pentacles (Coins) Edit

The Queen is a real person, a member of the Court of Coins, but as a member of the Tarot has an inherent meaning all her own. The Queen represents emotional security, calm, intuition and compassionate acts. Baern and Zephyra interpret the card as foretelling a compassionate act between them sometime in the future. This could be an act of compassion such that a rich person shows to a poor one; Zephyra, as Baern's social better, is better regarded and respected and could ease his way in society. It could also be an act of compassion from Baern's background as a cleric of Temperance, helping to soothe the more action-oriented former soldier.

Velimir and Baern - The Queen of Cups Edit

Likewise, the Queen of Cups is both a real person and symbol. She represents practicality, security, the down-to-earth quality of the real and the tangible. Velimir interpets this as reflecting an incident in his and Baern's past, when the wandering Velimir encountered the cleric, perhaps in the Court of Cups.

Velimir and Zephyra - The Ten of Wands Edit

Tens, generally, are bad. The Ten of Wands represents burden, responsibilty, hard work, stress and ultimately achievement. This is interpreted as the relationship between Velimir and Zephyra being one of great struggle and tension - Zephyra being tasked with keeping Velimir in check, a task that is very difficult because of his 'hot-headed' nature, a trouble-seeking nuisance that has to be dealt with again and again.

Use In-GameEdit

When reading the character's fortunes Adam uses the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

Players that exploit their bonds with other characters as foretold by the Tarot - joining in a task, for example, may gain inspiration. This rarely happens.

Bonds between characters will stay true until they choose to have their fortunes read again.