pale sunlight through mist isn't his name but title they give there name up long ago serves the hanged man as a monk he is a monk and respects bearn

probably 70 or so wearing very plain almost like rag robes that the edges are torn has a leather sash with a bag on the end and is leaning heavily on a walking stick bald and has a long grey beard

has two companions 2 young late teens (nisea) and (fala) heads are shaved wearing ivory robes but are dirty on the bottom both have a leather sash and pouch and one has a water skin

preforms the letting go ritual for the party

"the letting go" it can be literal like sacrificing money like an offering or you can confess a burden you no longer wish to have has 2 disciples deep throat hum and the cleric dips this finger into the ash and smears it on the throat of the recipient and hugs them close to have them whisper into the ear of the cleric their burden they wish to let go.

Past AppearancesEdit

met in episode 3