Deadly Minions
Season 1, Episode 5
File:RollPlay - Court of Swords 5, Part 1

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Story Edit

we come in on a mean while scene that fades into the party around sorrowful plum right after the fight they go inside the hut and rest and rest for a day to heal up auntie gathers the kobolds and butcher them for cooking then they head up into the mountains or foothills where the creatures are supposedly coming from. they find a few things in their search first of all is signs of people that use to live in the hills that seems to be sized for hillfolk

they also find evidence of bandit travel through the hills and finally, they find kobel tracks that lead deeper into the hills they decide to rest before going on because it is almost night, so they lay some traps for some extra pertection. while vel and zeph set traps baern and plum go investigate the ruins a little as baern investigate he notices a road that leads up into the hills they head back and take watches for the night and on baerns watch he hears someone whispering vel sees 4 bandits vel sneaks around zephyra stays still and baern and plum go forward and talk with them one is injured from their trap and bearn says that he will heal him plum kind of gets surrounded bearn shouts now and the party attacks bearn casts sanctuary on plum it ends up being 6 bandits and two shoot velimir and he goes down again but rolls a 20 and gets right back up saying fuck that unleash the beast they kill all but one to leave alive for questioning and up the hill they see kobolds they run away because they cannot handle more, and the kobolds descend on the bodies to loot they take a short rest and then go after and catch up to the kobolds they kill most of them but 3 get away and they give chase they chase down 2 and kill them they loot they notice that plum is quite hurt baern orders plum to rest and the party sets up camp and long rests the next morning comes and they track down the one that got away they lose the trail and start to look for vantage points to see around zeph spots some small dwarven statues and see 3-4 hours walk from them is an open cave moth with garbage stroon about they head to the cave as they are going elixir notice’s a big Kobold trap vel triggers the trap and they wait to see if the kobels will come to the sound they set an oil trap for the kobolds they kill two and fallow the third back to the cave the third they kill in the front of the cave mouth vel sneaks up and see into the cave as bearn and zeph makes a big bonfire out front vel hears someone singing inside and it ends

Key Events Edit

Treasure Edit

kobold: 38 copper 8 silver 19 gold

Experience Edit

they get 38xp each from bandits

get 31xp each from kobolds

Trivia Edit

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