The Hanged Man Monk
Season 1, Episode 3
File:RollPlay - Court of Swords 3, Part 1
Date of Events
Jul 30, 2016

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Story Edit

we come back where we left off it is night and thuy and sam naug are missing the party investigates the scean to no avail and dont know where the children went. they go to the nearest hut they see they ask a couple questions and dicide to camp where the bodies of the bandits are.and then they cook and eat the dog (heartless bastards) around dawn they hear hoof beats coming to them they are aproched by 4 riders on war goats whearing tabards that have a prow of a boat tiped up on a plain. they produce their magistrate badges and exsplain what had happend the privious night. they continue on to su fan tin. when they get to town they split up zeph gets rooms for the party at the inn and writes a letter to go back to HQ 

velimir and baern head to the leader comander visal at the famiy estate they excange word and the comander takes them inside. they come to an agreement that if they help with the kobels that they will then in turn help with the mara problem.

zephera writes her letter and takes it to the wheel of fortune she was insulted and left with the letter vel and baern head back to the knight to ask for exspendable people and some goats to ride he happily gives them and gives them sorrerful plum to guide them they head back to the temple and the wheel of fortune.

they run into a monk of the devil outside shouting at people exchange few words then go inside Bearn spins the wheel and comes up with bad luck they head to the fortune teller get their fortuens read and then head back to the inn

they get up and head to the gate to meet sorroful plum they go talk to an old woman aunte who has quite a likeing to dwarves baern in particular they dicide to set traps uder a hut and wait to catch some kobolds they stay in aunties hut with auntie giving advances on bearn

in velimirs watch they catch a kobold and dicide to fight the pack that are under the hut

Key Events Edit

Treasure Edit

10 copper 50 silver 25 electrum 20 gold given to Baern.

Experience Edit

they all get 100 xp now at 298xp 2xp from leveling 

Trivia Edit

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