The Hanged Man Monk
Season 1, Episode 3
File:RollPlay - Court of Swords 3, Part 1
Date of Events
Jul 30, 2016

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Story Edit

they get up and start going on there journey back to su fan tin they decide as they go to rest on the road and zeph asked vel to set traps around they set camp and some traps around during velimirs watch they here a screech in the distance vel goes to investigate since it sounded like it was from his trap somehow vel notices he has some kind of rash on his way (possibly from thuy) he finds a kobole in his snare trap he then knocks the little guy out vel heads back to the party to tell them the situation when he heads back he grabs the kobel to burn they decide to finish their rest but vel cannot sleep at all due to itching they wake and baern makes an ointment for vel and they continue onward down the road they reach a deep swamp puddle that washed out the road. they make a raft contraption mixed with levitate to get everyone over the water they start to pull people over vel first then bearn there is some kind of bee buzzing nest thing on the other side bright red winged beetle they beetles attacks and they get into a battle they kill all the bugs only having velimir go down once they loot glow orbs from the bugs then continue onward down the road during the knight thuy and velimir have an interaction and thuy mends velimirs cloak they awaken and continue and reach a big stone statue of some saint from a long time ago siting cross-legged at the fork in the road to two different paths. they hear talking near the statue velimir investigates and sees an old bald man velimir greats them and they talk and preform the letting go ritual then move on there way they camp on the way to su fan tin. they wake and run into a family on a wagon and speak to them asking for a ride but realizing that the wagon wont hold them they let the family go on their way and they continue walking. at around twilight they see on the side of the road they see a wagon cart on the side of the road they send velimir to investigate vel; sees blood splashed on the road and sees a body in the blood he also sees down the road a camp of people. he goes back to inform the group. they do reconnaissance zeph is very stealthy but surprisingly vel is not they see 3 men and a dog and engage them slaughtering them all. they look around but the children are gone nowhere to be found. they investigate the campground and find the mother dead on the ground. the episode ends with the party shouting thuy

Key Events Edit

Treasure Edit

10 copper 50 silver 25 electrum 20 gold given to Baern.

Experience Edit

they all get 100 xp now at 298xp 2xp from leveling 

Trivia Edit

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